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BBFs Aspen Romanoff, Monica Asis and Marilyn Mansion in Hide and Go Freak

Hide and Go Freak: Aspen Romanoff, Monica Asis, and Marilyn Mansion all decided to ditch their schools camping trip since there was going to be no fun, no refreshments, and worst of all NO BOYS! The girls took it upon themselves to rent out a weekend pad and have a little fun for a change. These girls were getting lit, but they needed a bit more of a masculine presence to really start getting things popping. They invited one of their boy toys over for some fun, all he had to do was bring a camera! As soon as he arrived the girls let him in on the game they were going to play which was hide and go freak! The girls would attempt to hide and whenever he would catch…

BFFs Kinsley Anne, Vera Bliss and Ashlynn Taylor in Galactic Delight

Galactic Delight: Alien babes from another planet have come to earth on a mission! They need to extract a specimen from a human male to possibly save the fate of their planet. Unfortunately they had forgot their extractor, but one of the smarter alien babes did research on human mating rituals, and getting that specimen might be easier than they thought. All they had to do was lay down this earthling and place his long flesh stick into their vaginal receptacles and oral cavities. The sample was obtained quite easily, and boy was his load a whopper. Their planet was sure to be saved!

BFFs Alex Blake, Noemie Bilas and Raven Redmond in Twerk Well Soon

Twerk Well Soon: Alex Blake, Noemie Bilas, and Raven Redmond are some of the bestest friends a guy could have. After their boy Juan had a neck injury, they decided to go cheer him up in a really unique way. Their motto wasn?t get well soon, it was twerk well soon. Using their ASSets to make him forget about his ailment. They brought him flowers which was standard, but then they let him rub on their tits while he felt them up. Suddenly the pain began to subside. The girls continued to lick his cock and let him fuck their hot pussies until he came. Juan felt much better. So much better that he removed his neckbrace and seemed to be all healed! Or maybe he was faking it? Who knows?!?!

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