Candy D - Femjoy - Sweet - 11

Spankable Blonde Beauty

Spankable Blonde Beauty Candy D (aka Candice B) poses nude in “Sweet” at Femjoy

In Sweet, Candy strips out of her pretty pink panties to pose naked on the bed. She is completely nude except for an ornate necklace which looks a little like a kinky collar. But, even if Candy is collared she is not shy about showing off her stunning body. She brazenly spreads her legs wide to display her pretty shaved pussy. But, this gallery is one of the most ass-centric Candy has done. She seems to be showing off that perfect butt more than normal, and we are not complaining.

Candy D is a sexy blonde glamour model from Ukraine. She has an amazing body with her pretty face, full natural breasts, and spankable ass being notable highlights. As a sexy nude model, Candy, or Candice, is the full package!

Candice B, as she is also known, also appears in this post. See much more of spankable blonde beauty Candy D at Femjoy in her sexy movies and photos.

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Candice B (aka Candy D) at Glamour Models Directory

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Ariel - Vacay - MPL Studios - 01

Spankable Fashion Model

Ariela (or Lilit A or Ariel as she is known as MPL Studios) is a hot blonde in this scene called “Vacay“. She starts off in an orange swimsuit that is more fashionable than practical. The flimsy fabric easily exposes her nipples and you feel would offer hardly any protection should she try to swim in it. It’s no surprise then that when she starts to strip her swimsuit seems to peel off very easily indeed, although the sexy blonde does her best to tease…

Ariel is posing outdoors by the pool and her swimsuit is just a modified bikini. Her short blonde hair, fashion model beauty and her amazingly hot body make her stand out, but then as she unpeels the orange fabric over her delicious bottom she really shows how spankable that little bubble butt is. Part of Ariel’s appeal in this scene is that she comes across as somewhat aloof, exactly like a fashion model. This aloofness could make her seem a little snobbish and possibly bratty. Who has not seen a beautiful, glamorous lady with her nose in the clouds and wanted to spank her? In this case, Ariel even strips off her skimpy clothing and lets us imagine spanking her perfectly round nude bottom.

See plenty more of Ariel in “Vacay” at MPL Studios

MPL Studios

For more of this model you can also check out Lilit A’s profile page at Glamour Models Directory.


Milla - Under the Skirt - Black panties upskirt

Under the Skirt with Milla

We have seen plenty of stunning model Milla already, but these upskirt photos from “Under the Skirt” are some of the best we’ve seen. Milla is playing outdoors in the woods and is all too eager to let you see up her skirt and to start stripping naked in public. This sexy upskirt strip movie comes from Watch 4 Beauty

We all know what kind of treasure is hidden under Milla’s skirt. But we can never see enough of it. And I bet neither can you!

To watch this full movie and much more of sexy Milla and the other stunning models check out Watch 4 Beauty!

Watch 4 Beauty

Milla at Glamour Models Directory

All photos in this post are from Watch 4 Beauty2257 Info.

Mila Azul at Sex Art

Mila Azul at Sex Art

We’ve seen Milla (also known as Mila Azul) from Ukraine before but this is a whole gallery dedicated to this lovely brunette at Sex Art. These photos come from 3 different scenes and all show off the wonderful sexiness that is Milla. These photos are taken from “Mesly“, “Phez” and “Senjia“…

In Mesly, Mila Azul is wearing a yellow vest and blue panties (like the Brazilian sports teams) but even before she is naked her hands have already strayed into her panties. Soon the panties are removed and Mila is free to scratch that itch. Naked in the living room she manoeuvres herself into a position facing upwards with her bottom elevated up on the sofa, a little bit like the wheelbarrow position but upside down.

In Phez, Mila Azul is relaxing at home with a mug of drink wearing a baggy green sweatshirt and matching green panties. It is not long before she has put her drink down and taken off that casual sweatshirt and once again her hand slides down inside her panties.

In Senjia, Milla has the same color scheme as before (yellow and blue) but this time she has on a pair of ripped denim shorts and a yellow basketball vest. The vest is punctured all over with ventilation holes and so is semi seethru. But that doesn’t matter here because Mila lifts it up, showing off her amazing abs and teasing us with her underboob. As she continues to strip we see her incredible slender body, those lovely natural breasts and that killer ass at it’s finest. There is a nice photo of Mila on all fours, fingering her horny shaved pussy with her ass in the air.

You could say that Mila Azul is a sexy girl-next-door type of glamour model. While she is best known for her amazing natural breasts, she also has a really spankable ass. Milla really gets down in some stunningly beautiful striptease and masturbation action. All this makes the horny beauty very naughty indeed, as well as extremely hot! Her spankable ass combined with her love for masturbation makes us think that she is very spankable indeed.

Sex Art takes glamour and pushes it a little farther than normal. While some glamour sites have teasing and masturbation and some lesbian imagery. Sex Art takes it to the next level with even more masturbation, proper lesbian sex and even hardcore.

Sex Art

All photos in this post are taken from Sex Art.

For more of this stunning model check out Milla’s profile and galleries at Glamour Models Directory.


In Bed with Jane F - Femjoy - 02

In Bed with Jane F at Femjoy

Jane F (aka Nancy A) is a luxurious slim and spankable glamour model and porn star from Ukraine. She has a stunning body and sultry good looks that make her extremely desirable and very spankable indeed. “In Bed With Jane F” at Femjoy has the slim beauty wearing nothing but stockings on her bed.

While she has amazing natural breasts, this scene is all about her bottom. In the black hold-up stockings, her ass is framed perfectly, her cheeks are bare and her pussy and anus are completely exposed. Jane F looks pure, innocent and beautiful, and also extremely spankable. As she poses and bends over on the bed she shows off her killer ass and sexy thigh gap…

You can imagine Jane F returning home from a glitzy function like a graduation or ball and stripping naked, down to her stockings, on the bed for a punishment. Perhaps she is strapped laying face down with that round bottom sticking up in the air, or maybe she is spanked on all fours. Perhaps she returned early from the function and decided to masturbate on her bed, before someone else came home, annoyed that she had left early, and punished her with the pussy juice still on her fingers.

See much more of Jane F looking spankable in stockings and in other sexy situations at Femjoy.

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There is also much more of this very sexy model, Jane F, at Jane F’s profile at Glamour Models Directory!

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Nastya H - Nude Hunter - Femjoy - 09

Nude Hunter

With her bow and arrow out in the woods, Nastya H, looks like she might be a character in an X-rated version of Game of Thrones in “Nude Hunter“. She is completely naked except for a sexy antique garter belt around her waist. To complete the look, the pretty model’s hair is also a little unkempt making her look a little bit feral. These photos come from Femjoy

Nude Hunter” makes us think that Nastya H may be a character in history, or perhaps she is in a world such as Game of Thrones. Maybe she lives alone in the woods, or maybe she is sent out to hunt by the people in her village. Being quick, nimble and good at hunting make Nastya the perfect huntress because not only does she have to catch dinner, she also has to avoid the King’s henchmen who would not take too kindly to someone poaching the King’s livestock. As she enters a forbidden part of the forest she must keep her wits about her and use all her senses to bring home an animal without being detected. Perhaps, she is a successful hunter but when too many animals start to vanish the King increases the number of guards he has patrolling the forest, making it harder for Nastya to do her job. Undeterred, she enters the woods bravely, trusting her agility to keep her out of trouble. But, one day she is caught red-handed by a group of guards who punish her naughty bottom right there in the forest by spanking that lovely bare bottom. She struggles, but she knew the risks when she left home. The more she screams and kicks the harder they spank her. When they stop, they take their finder’s reward from her pretty shaved pussy, then it’s back to the castle to see what punishment the King will hand down to her.

See much more of Nastya H’s sexy slim body outdoors and naked at Femjoy!

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There is also much more of this very sexy model at Nastya H’s profile at Glamour Models Directory!

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We Love It

Adelia B. (blonde) and Annika A. (brunette, aka Li Moon) are both very spankable in “We Love It” at Femjoy. The two Ukranian glamour babes pose together in some very sexy positions that definitely make us think of spanking. There are some over-the-knee poses, diaper position poses, bending over side-by-side poses and lots of bottoms sticking up high in the air.

While both beauties are very spankable, they are naturally better together with one simulating spanking on the other, having lesbian sex, or bending over together as if they are both due to be punished. In some of the poses it is also possible to imagine spanking or fucking one, while the other either masturbates at the side or participates in the spanking by licking her nipples or pussy…

Adelia B. and Annika A. in 'We Love It' at Femjoy

There is also this scene with the same two spankable beauties, called “More than Friends” with plenty more simulated spanking and spanking poses…

To see much more of Adelia B. and Annika A. and their spankable asses check out at Femjoy!

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Adelia B. at Glamour Models Directory

Annika A. (AKA Li Moon) at Glamour Models Directory

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