Galina A

We’ve seen Galina A in some other posts showing off her spankable bottom with other ladies, but here she is all alone. In “Beautiful Babe” by Anton Volkov she is completely naked under her white sweater. It’s a very sexy glamour striptease at Erotic Beauty and has Galina A showing off her beautiful body in a whole number of different poses. There is plenty of emphasis on her ass though. That spankable booty appears from under the sweater quite early in the striptease and is soon center stage…

There is something very sexy about a sexy woman wearing a big thick sweater. It’s the ultimate lazy-day-at-home outfit. If Galina woke up naked all she would have to do is put on this sweater then no-one would know she was naked underneath. Perfect for answering the front door or taking a video call. It’s a bit like the over-sized t-shirt in summer but this big, thick woollen sweater is definitely the winter equivalent.

Chack out Galina Ashowing off her hot body and spankable butt at Erotic Beauty!

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Lady Di

Spankable Glamour Babes

Here are some very spankable glamour babes from Erotic Beauty! These girls all have nice asses and show them off in many different ways in these photos. The close-up is of Lady Di as she peels down her lace panties. Lu Lu is packing a suitcase in a polka dot dress and stockings but she has bent over and is exposing her bare, pantie-less bottom. Alizeya A is naked on all fours on the bed, she’s not exactly showing her ass but that is a very spankable pose. Curvy beauty, Ines A is on all fours in a field, but she is most definitely showing her ass… and pretty pussy…

See plenty more of all these ladies and their spankable bottoms at Erotic Beauty.


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Kinky Handprint


Gloria A is an exotic-looking beauty and is 24 years old with dark curly hair. She has a hot, all-natural body and looks as athletic as she is beautiful. This sexy construction worker is the perfect canvas for a sexy, kinky handprint…

Kinky Handprint

I loved this paint handprint on Gloria A’s bottom in “Under Construction 2” at Erotic Beauty. It’s kinky because of the precisely positioned handprint and also because Gloria is completely nude except for some very tall white boots and a matching white safety helmet. If Gloria had a wall to paint and decided to get naked and naughty whilst doing it, you can definitely imagine her ending up with a handprint like this on her ass.


Gloria is very pretty and has a nice round bottom that is highly spankable in it’s own right, but the addition of the kinky handprint on her butt increases her spankability a lot. It signifies a naughty side to Gloria, that could very well be punished with an OTK spanking. She certainly seems very playful and her “outfit” alone is very kinky and fetishistic. We’d happily give Gloria a spanking if that was needed, and she is very spankable indeed.


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