Lessons in Discipline for Charlotte Sartre - 06

Lessons in Discipline for Charlotte Sartre

This is another very sexy scene at Tushy called “Lessons in Discipline” with brunette pornstar Charlotte Sartre.

Charlotte is a student and she’s wearing a king of outfit that looks a little bit like a school uniform, albeit a very smart and sophisticated uniform. She also has long, straight hair with bangs and is wearing a very nerdy pair of thick-rimmed glasses. Charlotte is looking very spankable already, even before she strips off her little pleated skirt so that her bottom is almost bared with the only covering being a tiny thong. However, she continues to strip and the next thing to go is her well-fitted tweed jacket. Soon, Charlotte has stripped down to nothing but her knee-high socks and a white rollneck sweater. In her geeky glasses, she looks very sexy and kinky indeed with a bare bottom and thighs the only nude part of her body. Even her arms are covered up by the long-sleeved sweater.

This naughty student is stripping for her private tutor who has arrived and wants to check her clothing carefully to make sure she’s wearing what he asked in their previous session. Then the discipline begins…

Thursdays are Charlotte’s favourite day of the week. Thats the day her tutor comes over to assess her progress. After a few lessons, they have developed a secret relationship. One in which she is properly dominated and she’s found the perfect match. With her parents rarely at home, they find plenty of time for crazy sexual rituals and disciplines. On this particular occasion, after checking her work, he asks her whether she is wearing exactly what he had asked on their previous lesson. She wastes no time in showing him, and knows that today’s session will be something she won’t be forgetting in a hurry.

With this sexy outfit and glasses, Charlotte Sartre is incredibly spankable. With her shaved pussy, thighs and ass being the only part of her body that are naked it is obvious that there is only one purpose for this scene and it involves her getting fucked in her tight ass, making her asshole gape. But, all the while with her glasses and bangs she looks like the nerdiest student in class.

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Lyra Law at Tushy


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Spankable Joseline Kelly

Spankable Joseline Kelly

Today we have the very spankable Joseline Kelly! Joseline is a slim teen pornstar with a luscious round bottom that begs to be given a good spanking, whether or not she’s been naughty. I like the before and after comparison in the photo, above.

Before the Spanking

Before the spanking in just her lingerie Joseline has a serious, or is it seductive, expression on her face. Maybe she knows she’s in trouble and is awaiting her punishment. The angle of the photo gives us the perfect view of her round… very round… bottom as she looks at us over her shoulder.

After the Spanking

The same bottom has a rosy red hue to it after her spanking as she starts to undress her step father. The lovely round bottom is now nicely reddened and we feel justified in saying that she had a very, very spankable bottom. She is obviously turned on by getting spanked by her step father, Joseline cannot keep her hands off him and starts to take his clothes off.

But, you cannot go from before to after without at least glimpsing at what happened in betwee. Here, is a photo of Joseline’s spanking…

Joseline Kelly spanked OTK Tushy - Tushy.com

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Naughty stepdaughter, Joseline Kelly, spanked and anal fucked

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