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Nude Hunter

With her bow and arrow out in the woods, Nastya H, looks like she might be a character in an X-rated version of Game of Thrones in “Nude Hunter“. She is completely naked except for a sexy antique garter belt around her waist. To complete the look, the pretty model’s hair is also a little unkempt making her look a little bit feral. These photos come from Femjoy

Nude Hunter” makes us think that Nastya H may be a character in history, or perhaps she is in a world such as Game of Thrones. Maybe she lives alone in the woods, or maybe she is sent out to hunt by the people in her village. Being quick, nimble and good at hunting make Nastya the perfect huntress because not only does she have to catch dinner, she also has to avoid the King’s henchmen who would not take too kindly to someone poaching the King’s livestock. As she enters a forbidden part of the forest she must keep her wits about her and use all her senses to bring home an animal without being detected. Perhaps, she is a successful hunter but when too many animals start to vanish the King increases the number of guards he has patrolling the forest, making it harder for Nastya to do her job. Undeterred, she enters the woods bravely, trusting her agility to keep her out of trouble. But, one day she is caught red-handed by a group of guards who punish her naughty bottom right there in the forest by spanking that lovely bare bottom. She struggles, but she knew the risks when she left home. The more she screams and kicks the harder they spank her. When they stop, they take their finder’s reward from her pretty shaved pussy, then it’s back to the castle to see what punishment the King will hand down to her.

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