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Spankable Bottoms

Welcome to Spankable Bottoms! This website, as the name suggests, is all about lovely female bottoms that we’d all love to spank. To be clear from the outset we will ALWAYS be talking about lovely 18+ ladies and we will only be discussing spanking and possible spanking as a consensual adult activity.

What Makes a Bottom Spankable?

In this new website we aim to discuss what makes a spankable bottom… or what makes a bottom spankable! Is it the personality of the lady it belongs to (we are all about lovely female bottoms)? Is it how she is dressed? Is it how she is posing, or the expression on her face? Is it the size and shape or her booty cheeks? Or, is it all of the above?

Clothed or Unclothed?

Many consensual adult spankings start off with some kind of cosplay or sexy uniform. Do these clothes make the wearer more spankable, or would they be just as spankable wearing anything, or nothing at all?

Bending over or not?

One of the things we’ve been wondering is does it matter if the sexy lady is bending over or not? Is she just as spankable standing upright, or even moreso? Standing up or bending over the shape of the buttocks changes.

Spankable Personality?

Sometimes a sexy female may have a mischievous or bratty personality, or she may have a cheeky or playful glint in her eye. Perhaps it is the personality of the beautiful woman that makes us think she must be very spankable indeed.

Spankable Bottoms: Personal Preference

Some people prefer larger bottoms, others smaller bottoms. We’re not going to ever try to show you the perfect bottom or the most spankable bottom imaginable, as this would probably be different for everyone. What we will try to do is show you some lovely spankable bottoms and hopefully you find them as spankable as we do!

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