Denisse Gomez's bubble butt

Denisse Gomez – Gym Booty

Denisse Gomez is one of the spankable beauties who regularly appears at Watch 4 Beauty. She’s a sexy latina babe babe from Venezuela and here she shows off her lovely bottom while getting naughty in the gym… so naughty in fact that this spankable beauty really does deserve a spanking afterwards.

Denisse starts off in the gym wearing nothing but what looks like a white swimsuit or a leotard… maybe she’s come straight from the beach. In the process of working out Denisse gets herself turned on and starts to peel back that lycra to rub her horny pussy. Then, the swimsuit comes off completely and she’s naked and free to touch and caress herself all over on the gym bench…

As Denisse slides out of the swimsuit she bends over, then when the clothing has dropped to the floor she pulls open her ass cheeks revealing her wanton pussy. The slim babe from Venezuela has a slender figure and a nice round bubble butt. She is also very naughty and very spankable, as this masturbation scene shows!

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MPL Studios

Here are six very spankable bottoms from glamour website MPL Studios. The six are all petite with nice rounded bottoms that are ripe for spanking…

MPL Studios

The photos on this post are from MPL Studios


Spankable Joseline Kelly

Spankable Joseline Kelly

Today we have the very spankable Joseline Kelly! Joseline is a slim teen pornstar with a luscious round bottom that begs to be given a good spanking, whether or not she’s been naughty. I like the before and after comparison in the photo, above.

Before the Spanking

Before the spanking in just her lingerie Joseline has a serious, or is it seductive, expression on her face. Maybe she knows she’s in trouble and is awaiting her punishment. The angle of the photo gives us the perfect view of her round… very round… bottom as she looks at us over her shoulder.

After the Spanking

The same bottom has a rosy red hue to it after her spanking as she starts to undress her step father. The lovely round bottom is now nicely reddened and we feel justified in saying that she had a very, very spankable bottom. She is obviously turned on by getting spanked by her step father, Joseline cannot keep her hands off him and starts to take his clothes off.

But, you cannot go from before to after without at least glimpsing at what happened in betwee. Here, is a photo of Joseline’s spanking…

Joseline Kelly spanked OTK Tushy -

This scene is from a hardcore porn site, in particular, a site specializing in anal sex and double-penetrations: Tushy! In this scene pornstar Joseline Kelly plays a naughty 18+ teen stepdaughter who gets punished. The punishment includes a spanking but then we know what kind of site this is so the action continues to hardcore sex and anal.

Naughty stepdaughter, Joseline Kelly, spanked and anal fucked

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Kendra Roll’s Spankable Bottom

Kendra Roll's spankable bottom in yoga pants

Sexy Latina Kendra Roll is a gorgeous glamour model who happens to have a very spankable bottom. The Columbian cutie also has an amazing pair of breasts which are big and full 40DD’s. While the instructor at the front of the class would be enjoying her perfect its, if you were behind her in a yoga class there’d be only one thing you’d be staring at… and that’d be her lovely ass in those hot, black yoga pants!

Luckily for us, it’s a hot day and Kendra wants to cool off a little so she starts stripping of her lycra leggings and lifts the cropped top over her big boobs.

Kendra Roll's pulls down her yoga pants to show off her spankable bottom

Then, the sexy 19-year-old is only wearing a tiny pair of panties. Here she bends over on the couch wearing nothing but her tiny pink panties and an anklet bracelet on one leg, showing off her spankable bottom…

Kendra Roll's bends over on the couch wearing only her panties

The panties do not last long and soon naughty Kendra is fucking her wet pussy with her fingers with her huge breasts rolling around on her chest on the couch. She lies back on the couch with her eyes closed. She’s working her fingers in and out of her twat so good that she is soon cumming hard onto her fingers.

Masturbating of the living room couch is definitely a spankable offence. Many a good girl has received a spanking for much less! Kendra definitely looks like a good girl but sometimes it’s the good ones that need a spanking the most! In this case pulling Kendra gently over your knee with that big Latina bottom pointing straight up in the air, bare and ready for a spanking, would be a thing of beauty. With her draped there, wanting to be punished but not sure how hard you’ll spank her, the only thing to do would be to spank her as fast and as hard as you liked… making her feel exactly what you though of her misdemeanours.

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Karlee Grey’s Spankable Bottom

Karlee Grey is a gorgeous 21-year-old pornstar with a lovely curvy figure. The sexy beauty has wonderful 36DD breasts and a nice full ass. Here, in the “Role Playing” scene at Erotica X, she dresses up in a school uniform and acts out a daughter/daddy role play with her lover, Jean Val Jean.

Karlee Grey's spankable bottom at Erotica X

While this is a hardcore scene there is actually some spanking on Karlee’s lush posterior. She goes over Jean’s knee in her sexy schoolgirl outfit and he spanks her bare cheeks. This part of the scene really proves that Karlee is very spankable indeed.

Erotica X

This scene is from Erotica X2257 Info


Raven Redmond’s Spankable Bottom

Raven Redmond shows off her bottom and boobs in the mirror

Raven Redmond is a stunning new pornstar with amazing boobs and here she shows that she also has a very spankable bottom. The photo above is from 18 Eighteen where she plays a busty schoolgirl stripping out of her uniform in her bedroom. They also do an interview with this hot new 18+ teen pornstar…

Who doesn’t love a busty schoolgirl? You have to admit that Raven’s tits look juicy popping out of her sensible button-down shirt. How do you dress in your everyday life? “If I know older people are going to be around I dress conservative out of respect. But if I’m hanging out with my friends or going to a club I wear tight skirts, little shorts and low-cut tops. I want people to stare.” Raven is an orgasmic teen exhibitionist. One of Raven’s biggest fantasies is public sex. “I kind of had public sex. I hooked up with my ex behind a grocery store. I want to try more though!” Her favorite positions are side missionary and doggie and she loves oral sex. “If the guy licks and fucks my pussy right I have the potential to cum 12 or more times in a row.”.

Then in “Rubbing On Raven” at Big Naturals, she shows off that bubble but in a tiny pair of cut-off denim hotpants…

Raven Redmond's Spankable Bottom

Raven Redmond shows off her perfect natural titties and talks more about her boobs before showing off her incredible ass.

Raven Redmond and her tight eighteen year old body needed some attention. She was all smiles and tits. She warmed up the room as she bounced and jiggled her perfect triple d tits around. If she wasn’t so wet, she would have started a fire the way she finger banged her pussy. Rion must have heard her pussy making those soaking wet noises because his timing was impeccable. He tasted her sweet nectar before she poked her tonsils. Rion couldn’t get any harder as she feed herself, so she did want we all wanted to see. She filled her tight pussy up and rode his dick like it was a redo show. Rion lassoed his dick and whipped up a show ending money shot all over her face and tits.

Raven Redmond breasts are unquestionably big and delicious but this sexy new pornstar also has a spankable bottom, as I’m sure you’ll agree from these two scenes.


The 18+ schoolgirl scene is from 18 Eighteen2257 Info

The hardcore scene in hotpants is from Big Naturals2257 Info


Spankable Nude Ruby

Spankable nude Ruby at FTV Girls

Cute and fun-loving 22-year-old Ruby has never made a real adult video before, although she has done some webcam work…and as it turns out is a bona fide virgin! She talks a little about herself, giving some insight into her choice to remain a virgin… Here she is showing her ass in her first nude scenes at FTV Girls

When we meet up with Ruby she’s experiencing the Pacific Ocean for the first time in her life, standing on a high cliff watching the waves crash below. She flashes her boobs and butt, pulling her stretchy pants down to give us a nice view as she hikes up the hill. She does a little jogging, pulling up her top to show her boobs and to cool off a little after working up a sweat, then goes all out getting naked spreading and bending over to flash the world.

Ruby flashes her butt outdoors bending over

After that she heads indoors for some tickling fun and then showing her yoga techniques, demonstrating her flexibility as she pulls her head almost all the way down to her ankles. Next she’s in the mood for some masturbation so we see her on the couch using her fingers on herself before using her own personal glass toy to penetrate herself, having her first orgasm of the day – and we see how incredibly wet and milky she gets down there as she uses her juices as lube to finger her butthole!

Ruby kneels on all fours on the yoga mat spreading her ass

Next she experiments to see how many fingers she can manage to penetrate with, getting up to three fairly readily. Notice how immediately wet she gets down there…she may be a virgin but this girl is certainly sexual!

Ruby pulls her yoga pants down to show her nude yoga butt

Next she wanted to try some anal play, starting out with a butt plug and then moving to a toy, spanking herself now and again just for fun! Notice how turned on she gets from the anal penetration, fucking herself with the glass toy and rubbing her clit until she had yet another orgasm. After more, thicker, toys in her butt and some anal gaping it was time for a break! Next we see Ruby dancing, shaking her butt to one of her favorite songs, then collapsing in laughter.

Ruby kneels on the boat on all fours without any panties on showing her bare ass

Next it was time to venture outside in a cute floral dress and heels for some public nudity and upskirt flashing, teasing with her long legs and butt while cars drove nearby and then getting completely nude to run around. On a public stairway near an office building she propped one leg up and used her fingers to masturbate to a very daring orgasm! Next we see her out on the lake in the boat, flashing other boaters and having fun masturbating publicly while floating around.

Ruby has a very pretty and spankable bottom, but she looks best with her hair down, so here’s a shot of her flashing her boobs outdoors looking stunning…

Stunning Ruby flashes boobs outdoors

What a beautiful, goofy, innocent-yet-sexual girl…full of energy and sexual excitement, ready to share tons of orgasmic fun at FTV Girls

For more, see Ruby Sparx.


Kinky Handprint


Gloria A is an exotic-looking beauty and is 24 years old with dark curly hair. She has a hot, all-natural body and looks as athletic as she is beautiful. This sexy construction worker is the perfect canvas for a sexy, kinky handprint…

Kinky Handprint

I loved this paint handprint on Gloria A’s bottom in “Under Construction 2” at Erotic Beauty. It’s kinky because of the precisely positioned handprint and also because Gloria is completely nude except for some very tall white boots and a matching white safety helmet. If Gloria had a wall to paint and decided to get naked and naughty whilst doing it, you can definitely imagine her ending up with a handprint like this on her ass.


Gloria is very pretty and has a nice round bottom that is highly spankable in it’s own right, but the addition of the kinky handprint on her butt increases her spankability a lot. It signifies a naughty side to Gloria, that could very well be punished with an OTK spanking. She certainly seems very playful and her “outfit” alone is very kinky and fetishistic. We’d happily give Gloria a spanking if that was needed, and she is very spankable indeed.


This post is brought to you by Erotic Beauty2257 Info

Foxy Salt - Met Art - Nirada

Foxy Salt

Foxy Salt is a sexy glamour model from Russia with a very pronounced and round booty we think is very spankable indeed! The curvy beauty has the whole package: exotic looks, lovely little breasts with perky nipples and a big, curvaceous ass! She also has an amateur girl-next-door feel about her with a playful smile that oozes spankability. Here is a mix of photos of Foxy from MetArt that show off her ass-ets…

Foxy Salt: From Russia with a curvy, Spankable Butt

19-year-old Foxy Salt has definition of a “thick” booty, despite being from Russia. She’s a gorgeous teen qith little boobs and puffy nipples. We think she looks a lot of fun and if she ever needed pulling over the knee for a hard spanking we’d definitely be in line to spank her gorgeous, curvy bottom!

Met Art

All photos in this post are from MetArt2257 info

Penelope G's spankable bottom at Femjoy

Spankable Bottoms

Welcome to Spankable Bottoms! This website, as the name suggests, is all about lovely female bottoms that we’d all love to spank. To be clear from the outset we will ALWAYS be talking about lovely 18+ ladies and we will only be discussing spanking and possible spanking as a consensual adult activity.

What Makes a Bottom Spankable?

In this new website we aim to discuss what makes a spankable bottom… or what makes a bottom spankable! Is it the personality of the lady it belongs to (we are all about lovely female bottoms)? Is it how she is dressed? Is it how she is posing, or the expression on her face? Is it the size and shape or her booty cheeks? Or, is it all of the above?

Clothed or Unclothed?

Many consensual adult spankings start off with some kind of cosplay or sexy uniform. Do these clothes make the wearer more spankable, or would they be just as spankable wearing anything, or nothing at all?

Bending over or not?

One of the things we’ve been wondering is does it matter if the sexy lady is bending over or not? Is she just as spankable standing upright, or even moreso? Standing up or bending over the shape of the buttocks changes.

Spankable Personality?

Sometimes a sexy female may have a mischievous or bratty personality, or she may have a cheeky or playful glint in her eye. Perhaps it is the personality of the beautiful woman that makes us think she must be very spankable indeed.

Spankable Bottoms: Personal Preference

Some people prefer larger bottoms, others smaller bottoms. We’re not going to ever try to show you the perfect bottom or the most spankable bottom imaginable, as this would probably be different for everyone. What we will try to do is show you some lovely spankable bottoms and hopefully you find them as spankable as we do!

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