Sexy glamour model Sarika A poses with an antique radio

Lovely Latvian Blonde

Another lady who we think is very spankable is this lovely Latvian blonde. Sarika A is a curvy glamour model from Latvia. In her snug, white leotard she looks very hot… so hot that she has to take it off slowly and reveal her stunning body. She’s in a very stylish-looking office with some antique items dotted around the room. Out of the window it’s a grey day and you can see the skyline of the city in the background. But inside the room it is looking much brighter and hotter, especially with lovely Sarika. Her natural breasts are nice and big and firm, and her ass is equally big and round. Here in “Nikeria” at MetArt it looks like Sarika A is really enjoying showing off her ass…

Lovely Latvian blonde Sarika A sitting in front of her window has a look in her eye that leaves no one guessing – she’s horny as hell today and desperate to share her body with a lover. And what a body – long, slender legs and fabulous, fulsome breasts held tight inside a white body stocking that rides high over her hips, a pair of cute little white ankle socks adding to the erotic vibes. She smiles and rolls her top down, her large, curvy breasts dazzle, then bends over and arches her back to slide her clothing from her rich, round ass cheeks and blow our minds away.

There are plenty of nude booty shots and Sarika really seems to love showing off her curvy ass with the study and gloomy city in the background. There is a nice photo of her bending over the desk naked except for her little white ankle socks. Another nice pic is of Sarika peeling the leotard down over her ass but she has it rolled up like it’s a pair of panties – it’s exactly like she’s coyly pushing them down to bare her bottom for a spanking.

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Nastya H - Nude Hunter - Femjoy - 09

Nude Hunter

With her bow and arrow out in the woods, Nastya H, looks like she might be a character in an X-rated version of Game of Thrones in “Nude Hunter“. She is completely naked except for a sexy antique garter belt around her waist. To complete the look, the pretty model’s hair is also a little unkempt making her look a little bit feral. These photos come from Femjoy

Nude Hunter” makes us think that Nastya H may be a character in history, or perhaps she is in a world such as Game of Thrones. Maybe she lives alone in the woods, or maybe she is sent out to hunt by the people in her village. Being quick, nimble and good at hunting make Nastya the perfect huntress because not only does she have to catch dinner, she also has to avoid the King’s henchmen who would not take too kindly to someone poaching the King’s livestock. As she enters a forbidden part of the forest she must keep her wits about her and use all her senses to bring home an animal without being detected. Perhaps, she is a successful hunter but when too many animals start to vanish the King increases the number of guards he has patrolling the forest, making it harder for Nastya to do her job. Undeterred, she enters the woods bravely, trusting her agility to keep her out of trouble. But, one day she is caught red-handed by a group of guards who punish her naughty bottom right there in the forest by spanking that lovely bare bottom. She struggles, but she knew the risks when she left home. The more she screams and kicks the harder they spank her. When they stop, they take their finder’s reward from her pretty shaved pussy, then it’s back to the castle to see what punishment the King will hand down to her.

See much more of Nastya H’s sexy slim body outdoors and naked at Femjoy!

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There is also much more of this very sexy model at Nastya H’s profile at Glamour Models Directory!

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Amber - Watch4Beauty - Music Is My Life - 9

Amber at Watch4Beauty

Latina Amber from Venezuela reminds us why we like spanking. In these two photo sets at Watch4Beauty she is a playful, carefree flower with an amazingly hot body.

In “Music Is My Life“, Amber is hanging out at home with her headphones on, immersed in her music. She’s wearing some white cut-off denim sorts and a cute little turquoise top. She has her headphones on that are plugged into her phone which she has sitting in the back pocket of her shorts. She takes her headphones off when she starts to strip though. amber does a very sexy and pretty little striptease, and she really loves to tease! When she is almost completely naked she faces the camera and takes the utmost pleasure in playing with her tiny panties, lifting them up and down without giving us a peek of that shaved pussy. Then, finally, when she has teased us enough the panties get lowered a tiny bit more and we are treated to the sight of her dark little twat as she gasps in embarrassment.

In “Roses From Caracas“, Amber is outdoors in a matching hot pink skirt and top. She playfully flips up her skirt showing off her perfect, round ass cheeks. Amber has an all-over tan, and her bottom is no different and her tiny g-string gives us unlimited access to her brown globes under her little skirt. But, Amber has finished her striptease yet, she has only just begun. All the while she shows off her hot little booty, before eventually relaxing back, naked except for her heels, and fingering her horny pussy right there in the garden.

Amber is very spankable, in no small part down to her cuteness and her playful, teasing personality. Here is a short spanking story based on this pretty and beautiful 18+ Latina teen… You can imagine her being a student at a university where she might be taking a quite difficult subject. When she daydreams in the lectures she doesn’t quite understand some of the concepts, so she is always knocking on the professor’s door, asking for help. The professor is always willing to help her out but when she asks the same questions week after week it becomes tiresome and perhaps he might suggest a way she might be able to retain more of the information he provides her with… through spanking. As much as Amber enjoyed teasing him the professor would enjoy spanking that lovely little tushy. And, if she wriggled about too much during the spanking he would often get hard, which only made her wriggle more so that he would fuck her shaved pussy afterwards.

You can see Amber in both “Music Is My Life” and “Roses From Caracas” at Watch 4 Beauty

Watch 4 Beauty

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Rylee Marks - Lycra Leggings Strip - This Years' Model - 02

Lycra Leggings Strip: Rylee Marks

Lycra can be very sexy and make a bottom look very spankable indeed. Rylee Marks is a very spankable model, so of course she looks terrific in this Lycra Leggings Strip at This Year’s Model

Lycra leggings are very popular in real life, so it’s surprising that they are not used more in porn and glamour. Rylee shows us exactly why they have such a following though. Not only are they easy to wear, comfortable and fashionably figure-hugging but they do not hide much from view at all. In particular, without any panties Rylee’s pussy is highlighted with a delicious cameltoe.

Rylee Marks (or Rilee Marks, as her name is also spelled) is a gorgeous girl-next-door type model from the United States. She is among many of the hottest, nubile glamour models who pose, play and strip at This Year’s Model.

This Year's Model


Sydney Cole - Twisty's - 04

Sydney Cole

Sydney Cole is a famous glamcore model and pornstar, but here at Twisty’s she’s in an equally sexy glamour scene.

Starting off in floral lingerie and elegant hold-up nylon stockings, she poses as she slowly strips down. As she poses in a multitude of different positions, Sydney shows off her lovely ass. It has just the right amount of padding to make it an extremely spankable bottom. Then, once the lingerie has gone and she is naked except for her stockings and high heels the slim pornstar begins to stroke her horny pussy.

Sydney is slim and toned, and she shows off her amazing abs as well as her lovely tush. Her pussy is shaven except for a little triangle of hair above it. But, as nice as her front view is, her backside may be even better.

For much more glamour from sexy Sydney Cole check out her scenes at Twisty’s.



Lessons in Discipline for Charlotte Sartre - 06

Lessons in Discipline for Charlotte Sartre

This is another very sexy scene at Tushy called “Lessons in Discipline” with brunette pornstar Charlotte Sartre.

Charlotte is a student and she’s wearing a king of outfit that looks a little bit like a school uniform, albeit a very smart and sophisticated uniform. She also has long, straight hair with bangs and is wearing a very nerdy pair of thick-rimmed glasses. Charlotte is looking very spankable already, even before she strips off her little pleated skirt so that her bottom is almost bared with the only covering being a tiny thong. However, she continues to strip and the next thing to go is her well-fitted tweed jacket. Soon, Charlotte has stripped down to nothing but her knee-high socks and a white rollneck sweater. In her geeky glasses, she looks very sexy and kinky indeed with a bare bottom and thighs the only nude part of her body. Even her arms are covered up by the long-sleeved sweater.

This naughty student is stripping for her private tutor who has arrived and wants to check her clothing carefully to make sure she’s wearing what he asked in their previous session. Then the discipline begins…

Thursdays are Charlotte’s favourite day of the week. Thats the day her tutor comes over to assess her progress. After a few lessons, they have developed a secret relationship. One in which she is properly dominated and she’s found the perfect match. With her parents rarely at home, they find plenty of time for crazy sexual rituals and disciplines. On this particular occasion, after checking her work, he asks her whether she is wearing exactly what he had asked on their previous lesson. She wastes no time in showing him, and knows that today’s session will be something she won’t be forgetting in a hurry.

With this sexy outfit and glasses, Charlotte Sartre is incredibly spankable. With her shaved pussy, thighs and ass being the only part of her body that are naked it is obvious that there is only one purpose for this scene and it involves her getting fucked in her tight ass, making her asshole gape. But, all the while with her glasses and bangs she looks like the nerdiest student in class.

Check out spankable Charlotte Sartre and many more sexy pornstars in beautiful glamcore scenes at Tushy.


This Year’s Model

Today we have a selection of ladies from This Year’s Model who all have very spankable butts. In alphabetical order these beauties are Ashley Doll, Aspen Martin, Caitlin McSwain, Dolly Little, Kitten Von, Lara Masier, Melody Vee, Michelle Jean and Mindy Corin. As you can see they are all slim and young 18+ models who look amazing and even more spankable…

This Year’s Model specializes in gorgeous photography of sexy, amateur girls next door. But, while they look like girls next door, the photography is stunning and they each have amazing bodies. We’ve seen Michelle Jean before, and she has a fantastic ass, but there are plenty of beauties at sexy glamour website: This Year’s Model.

This Year's Model


Michelle Jean - This Year's Model - 03

Teen Irony with Michelle Jean

Part of what makes a sexy beauty spankable is her body, but it is also often her personality. In this scene, “Teen Irony“, Michelle Jean shows off her playful personality and her perfect butt looks even more spankable because of it. The slender teen is doing some chores… in particular she is doing the ironing. The only problem is that it is not long before the gorgeous beauty is stripping off her clothes and is not so much ironing but posing with the ironing board. Michelle Jean is having fun and she looks very pretty, but at the same time that ironing needs doing and she’s a very naughty teen…

See much more of this playful and spankable beauty, Michelle Jean, plus many more pretty glamour models stripping in many different sexy scenarios at This Year’s Model

This Year's Model


Jati - Watch 4 Beauty - 3

Spankable Beauties

Here is a selection of five very spankable beauties from Watch 4 Beauty.

See plenty more of Li Moon, Milla, Alison Fox, Ariela and Jati at Watch 4 Beauty where you can find her in many different glamour and masturbation scenes. They have many of the sexiest glamour models stripping and posing in beautiful and often kinky nude scenarios.

Watch 4 Beauty

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Joanna - Now Or Never - Femjoy - 03

Now Or Never

Sheri Vi, or Joanna as she is called on Femjoy, is a gorgeous, sultry brunette from Russia. She is a slim babe with a tantilizing gap between her thighs when she puts her legs together and bends over. We have seen her very spankable bottom before here, and we love it in “Now Or Never” just as much, if not more than we did then. She starts off in a pretty pink neglige with her legs spread wide to show of her shaved pussy. But, that does not last long and the petite glamour model is soon completely naked and bending over slightly to show off her beautiful pert ass. Joanna’s cute little bubble butt is amazing for it’s roundness, and for that sexy gap between her thighs that means her shaved pussy is nearly always on display…

See much more of Joanna and her spankable bottom at Femjoy!

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There is also much more of this very sexy model at Sheri Vi’s profile at Glamour Models Directory!

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